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Full Services Property Management Company

Why Choose a Residential Management Company?

Without a doubt, implementing the right property management company is key. In order to deliver top quality full service property management and property maintenance to landlords and their tenants in Northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. Compared to others, the peace of mind provided by Choice Property Management stands above all. Due to the level of great care involved in our process, not only are we efficient in our work, but we tend to landlord’s properties as if they were our own investment. Not to mention, delivering quality customer service to our tenants to ensure their renting experience is a positive one.

What is Property Management?

Undeniably, the reason why we are the first choice property management company, is due to the fact that our staff go above and beyond taking care of residential property management. Ensuring that all real estate facts are accounted for, that the client understand what a property manager does, how much you can rent your home for and what is associated with the property manager fee. Entailed with real estate facts, is the understanding that property management in Sterling has different needs compared to property management in Fairfax. Although they are both located in Northern Virginia, an experienced property manager understand that rental management companies near them are not created equal.

Residential, Community & Commercial Management

There are many details that go into being a full service property management company, although most like to think it is as easy as cashing a check. However, the everchanging details of Virginia rental applications, how much you can rent your home for and keeping up with the latest property management software, such as Zego rent payment, are just a few topics that a property manager can help guide you through.

Our goal as one of the top property management companies in Washington DC is to provide rental property management tailored to the specific needs of the rental property. Aside from providing hassle free property management, we at Choice Property Management strive to have help our clients understand what property management is and what property management companies do.

Our Success by the Numbers



Choice Property Management has been managing my rental property in Arlington, VA for the last two years and am very satisfied with their work. Particularly, I appreciate their attention to detail in managing the property and in the documents related to renting it. Because so, I give them the highest recommendation.

Brian P.

Shawn and his team are professional, empathetic, responsive, reliable and competent. Above all, they have provided peace of mind for me and my family. Without reservation, I highly recommend Shawn for anyone who needs services in rental property management.

Gheza G.

The team at Choice Property Management provides me with great piece of mind. As a result, I know my property and tenants are well taken care of, and any issues are always addressed immediately by Shawn’s team.

Matt G.

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