Moving to the DMV? We have great information to help you decide what area of this region you would like to call home.

The DMV, which refers to Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, is a vibrant area with no shortage of things to do and see. From iconic museums to incredible outdoor spaces, residents can make the most of their new surroundings. If you are a newcomer to the region, here are some things to know about the DC area:

Big City, Small Town

With a population below 700,000, Washington, D.C. is not actually as big of a city as one may assume. As a result, much of the District has the atmosphere of smaller southern towns; close-knit communities are found throughout the city, each with unique charm. However, DC still maintains the speed—and amenities—of a metropolitan hub. During the workweek, the population rises above one million thanks to commuters from neighboring Maryland and Virginia. Renters can discover whether they prefer living in the heart of the nation’s capital or a quieter, suburban neighborhood in the surrounding area.

Low Profile

New residents of the District may be surprised by the lack of high-rises in the city (the tallest structure is the Washington Monument). It’s no mistake that DC has a low profile, as a law made it so no building is taller than the Capitol. Although there are some exceptions, the result is an urban landscape without skyscrapers.

Abundant Green Space

Residents living in the DMV area have access to a remarkable array of outdoor spaces. Even within the District’s borders, greenery is within easy reach. Rock Creek Park, the US Botanic Garden, and more provide venues for weekend adventures or daily walks. The Chesapeake Bay, home to Maryland’s beloved blue crabs, is a destination for waterfront getaways. If a hike through the woods sounds more appealing than the beach, Virginia is home to the stunning Shenandoah Mountains.

Unpredictable Weather

The DMV experiences all four seasons in full. New residents can anticipate stunning springs, warm summers, cool falls, and snowy winters. Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable, and getting dressed in the morning can span a few seasons. Although winters aren’t as harsh as farther north, rumors of snow still manage to animate the region. Springtime brings the iconic cherry blossoms to DC, while Maryland and Virginia both display vivid foliage in the fall. There’s much to enjoy about DMV weather—as long as you are prepared.

Alternative Transportation

While the DMV area does see high rates of commuting by vehicle, there are plenty of alternatives to driving. Many of the communities in the DMV are rated as highly walkable and bike-friendly. Taking the Metro offers quick transportation to the surrounding area. Serving 91 stations in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, the Metro is a great asset to residents on the go. To keep up with the status of the rails, residents can easily download a Metro app.

If you are moving to the DMV, why not rent? Renting allows new residents to experience all that the region has to offer without being tied to one location. Please contact us today to learn more about renting and living in the DMV.